About Us


Hello everyone!
Thanks for visiting this page and showing support and interest in our society.
A little bit of information about us: Amnesty International UCC began in 2007.
It first organised a campaign against sex trafficking and held a debate to discuss the problem.
Then to raise funds for Zimbabwe the society held a play, a DVD night and had a guest speaker come to UCC. The society opened a Christmas stall and held a comedy gig to raise money and awareness. Members took signatures on the streets of Cork city and these signatures and messages of hope were sent to WOZA (Women of Zimbabwe Arise).
The following year the society focussed on the issue of female genital mutilation and the Arms Trade Treaty. Two more fundraising stalls were set up on campus, another DVD night, a guest lecture from a UN peacekeeper and a fashion show.
As the society is based in UCC and the majority of members are UCC students we appeal predominately to students in Cork but we appreciate any help, interest and comments from anyone who feels strongly about any human rights issue.